Recent Publications

These publications may be obtained from http// for Dental Update publications, Science Direct (for J.Dent. and Dent.Mater) and Nature (British Dental Journal)

  • A Practice-based Evaluation of a Novel Resin Luting Material and Dentine Bonding Agent Peter Sands Russell J Crisp, Owen Thompson and FJ Trevor Burke 

  • Sands P, Crisp RJ, Thompson O, Burke FJT. A practice-based evaluation of a novel resin luting material and dentine bonding agent. Dent.Update 2021:48:34-41.

  • Burke FJT, MacKenzie L, Sands P Suggestions for non-aerosol or reduced-aerosol dentistry (for as long as it takes). Dent.Update 2020:47:485-493.

  • Burke FJT, Crisp RJ,, James A, MacKenzie L., Thompson O, Pal, A, Sands P, Palin WM. Five-year clinical evaluation of restorations placed in a low shrinkage stress composite in UK general dental practices. Eur. J. Prosthodont Rest.Dent 2017;25:108-114.

  • Lucarotti PSK, Burke FJT. Patient history as a predictor of future treatment need? Considerations from a dataset containing over nine million courses of treatment. Br.Dent.J.2019:228:345-350.

  • Burke FJT, MacKenzie L, Shortall ACC. Survival rates of resin composite restorations in posterior teeth. Dent.Update 2019:46:523-535.

  • Burke FJT, Lawson A., Green DJB, MacKenzie L. What’s new in dentine bonding? Universal adhesives. Dent.Update.2017:44:328-340.

  • Thompson O, Tulloch N, Crisp RJ, Burke FJT. A case series of zirconia-based bridges luted with a self-adhesive resin luting material at 12 years. In patients in UK general dental practice. Eur. J. Prosthodont Rest.Dent 2018;Special issue:17-20

  • Burke FJT, Crisp RJ, Sands P. A handling evaluation of the Dentsply Sirona Class II Solutions System by the PREP Panel. Dent. Update 2018;45: 1032-1040.